About Us

A few friends sat around a table at the barn one day discussing one of the boarder’s sisters, who was in treatment for ovarian cancer. Since only one of the women sitting at the table knew the early signs of ovarian cancer, the idea came about to do something to help the equestrian community to become more informed about this deadly disease. Hoofbeats to Hope was started to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and to encourage continued research into treatment and early diagnostic tests. Our hope is to educate others about the risks, early signs and symptoms and to advocate for further testing and treatment options.

Using equestrian related activities as our vehicle, Hoofbeats to Hope distributes informational cards about ovarian cancer and its early signs, symptoms and risk factors. Our goal to empower women to listen to their bodies and discuss any concerns they may have with their doctors. Because there is no early diagnostic test, as a mammogram has been for breast cancer, being able to recognize the early signs is extremely important. Only 15% of ovarian cancer is caught in the early stages before the cancer has spread.

We also contribute a major portion of the funds we collect to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer.